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A stress-free World

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To be the world’s largest mental health platform bringing the help seekers and practitioners together

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To create a platform that brings a 360 Degree approach towards attaining Mental Wellness with the best of class technology

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What Inspired MAHADEV

As we say, “Adversities always pave way for Opportunities”. Nidhi and Devesh were going through a rough phase after the death of their respective spouses to cancer. After they got married in 2018, they witnessed the opening of Pandora’s Box. Continuing grief of a lost family member, Emotional baggage of Non-Biological siblings, unrealistic family expectations, and financial struggle demanded a strong Mental Wellness.

Hence this platform to create awareness and healing services on mental wellness at your fingertips in your preferred mode and language. Our experts would educate and conduct assessments for all to overcome the Social Stigma & break stereotyping of mental disorders. Our motto is to “Identify Early and Heal Completely” for all ages, gender, and segments of society.


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Co-Founders of MAHADEV

Pandey Nidhii


Devesh Kumar


Ashutosh Mishra

Awesome Features

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Our Expert Panel

Dr. Anju Sinha

Expertise: Psychotherapist,Wellness,Marital discourse,Pain counselling,

Anugrah Edmond

Expertise: Counselling psychologist,Life coaching,Wellness,
Pain counselling

Dr. Jyotsna Singh

Expertise: Clinical Psychologist,NLP Practioner,Memory trainer,Chief scientist,Cancer psycholgy

Manjari A Karekar

Expertise: Counselling psychologist

Tanya Martin

Expertise:Clinical Psychologist,Child counselling,Relationship issue, Mood disorders,Abnormal psychologist

Vibhuti Padhya

Expertise: Clinical Psychologist,Anxiety disorders,Depressive disorders,Behavioural ,Trauma/Stress

Trust Us To Be There To Help All & Make Things Well Again.

Trust Us To Be There To Help All & Make Things Well Again.


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Broken hearts

Amongst the top reasons that young adults come to me for psychotherapy, in recent times, is the ending of a relationship, or breakup. This seems

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