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The Pre-exam State Of Mind

Author: Fatima Lobo (Clinical Psychologist)

More often than not a day before a candidate appears for an exam involves renal-biting over-learning, nail-biting, fidgeting, clammy hands, and so on. The blend of all such emotions and actions equals the stress an individual experiences before exams. Examination stress is often referred to as the worry and nervousness that an individual appearing for an exam goes through.

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Author: Anugrah Edmond (Clinical Psychologist)

Take a break...If you won’t take it your mind will force you to take one. Our global culture is moved to a mind-set where productivity is the epitome of virtue. You’re respected and worthwhile only if you are productive or at least seem so. This has led to a lot of people trying hard to keep themselves busy, which might or might not be in a productive direction.

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शोक के प्रति बदले नजरिया।

Author: Pandey Nidhi (Co-Founder | Therapeutic Counselor)

जब हमारे किसी अपने या किसी प्रियव्यक्ति की मौत हो जाती है तो हम शोक मानते हैं, लेकिन कभी कभी हम अपने प्रियजन के जीवित रहने के बावजूद भी शोक मनाने को मजबूर हो जाते है। यानि की तब जब आपका कोई अपना किसी ऐसे गंभीर बीमारी के चपेट में आ जाता है जिसमे उसकी मृत्यु तय है। वैसी बीमारी जिसमे व्यक्ति के कॉग्नेटिव और शारीरिक रूप से काम करने की क्षमता में कमी आ जाती है। अक्सर एक पुरानी बीमारी...

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Self value isn't all about face value! (Devesh Kumar)

Author: Devesh Kumar (Co-Founder | Life Coach)

We come across phrases like 'Don't judge a book by its cover 'All that glitters is not gold’. These phrases describe the discrepancy or the gap between self-value and face value. Self-value is the assessment of self-worth based on many factors. Self-valueencompasses various aspects of self such as self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-worth. Each person has a varied way of forming self-value and it keeps on being different throughout the course of life, it is subject to constant change. Self-value is an absolutely vulnerable aspect of self during childhood and teenage times as it can be influenced by people or peers. Self-value can act both positively and negatively in shaping a personality. The concept of self can be classified into three types, the actual self, the ideal self, and the ought self. The actual self...

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