7 Steps For Success

” No one plans to fail but many fail to plan”. We don’t have a clear blueprint of our actions. Here are 7 steps to get the clarity of your actions to get success. We can call it” CC DD E FG “of success.

1. Desire :

Only desire will never take you to your goal. You must create a burning desire within you.
a. Simply take a pen and diary and write your goals in clear words. eg. “I want to get 90% in 10 to std.”
b. Write down the sacrifices you are ready to make to achieve your goal. eg. I’ll sacrifice my t.v. time of 1 hour to practice maths.

2. Determination:

It is the next step toward success. It will help you to make a proper guided plan of action.
a. Write deadlines for your task. eg. I’ll finish this chapter today.
b. Write simple plans and actions: divide the whole chapter into 3 to 4 sub-parts to study during the day, learn thoroughly each part and revise accordingly.
c. Say affirmative statements and visualize your dream in detail: eg. I m becoming energetic, I am preparing for hard work, I am smart to handle all study problems, etc. Visualize your dream in detail like I have completed my study. I am writing a paper with full confidence. I am able to solve all questions. I can see 90% on my mark sheet. Etc

3. Efforts :

Fill adequate fuel of your efforts in the car if your dream is to achieve the destination you wished to. Efforts and practice will raise your confidence to the next level. Remember the W3 formula.
Every day write :
a. WWW: what went well today?
b. WWW: What went wrong?
c. WWW: What do we need to work out for better?
success needs an investment of effort and hard work.

4. Firmness:

Firmness means not giving up your efforts. Failures are bound to come. Whenever you feel like quitting always say ” let me try one more time”. Firmness is achieved through facing a tough time. A poor, teenager sexually abused girl, becomes the most influential woman in the world and the first multi-billionaire woman in North America, she is none other than Oprah Winfrey – the queen of the media industry. 21 years old boy who was struggling for life, becomes the great scientist- Stephen Hawking. A poor boy who was detected with serious growth hormone deficiency becomes the heart fellow for football lovers – Lionel Messi. A young man who was thrown out of his own company becomes the co-founder of Apple Inc- Steve Jobs. There are many more examples that show firmness and the will to fight against atrocities make you successful in life.

5. Concentration:

The main reason for our failure is we do not focus 100/% on our goal. There is a simple technique to get mastery over distraction Tratak. Concentrate 12 minutes on a flame of a candle or Diya every day at the same time, slowly and gradually your concentration will increase

6. Consistency:

A small practice every day is better than big hits of only a few days. Every day try to be better only by 1%. By the end of the year, you will be a better version of yourself. It’s not the 100th stroke of the hammer that breaks the stone but it is the result of all 99strokes which were put consistently.

6. Gratitude:

If you are not grateful for the thing you have then you are a great fool to neglect your blessings. Craving for the lacking will exhaust you and take away your happiness. Be grateful for everything you have from your treasure to pleasure.
Remember, any event occurs 2times in our life. First time in our mind and a second time in reality. We have a choice to make it best at the first attempt itself.
When you can do the best then why compromise for the better?
Manjiri A. Karekar
M.A.(Psychology, Marathi), M.ed, M.B.A(H.R.)

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